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Quantum Institute : 2009 Quantum Lunch Seminar Schedule


  • Coordinator
    Diego Dalvit
  • Quantum Lunch Location:
    T-Division Conference Room, TA-3,
    Building 123, Room 121

Quantum Institute: Visitor Schedule

The Quantum Lunch is regularly held on Thursdays in the Theoretical Division Conference Room, TA-3, Building 123, Room 121.
For more information, contact Diego Dalvit.
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Thursday, February 5, 2009
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Speaker: Christopher Monroe, JQI and University of Maryland

Technical Host: Malcolm Boshier

TOPIC: Ion Trap Photonic Quantum Networks

The local manipulation and entanglement of nearby atomic ion qubits through their Coulomb interaction is now established as one of the most reliable ways to build entangled states. Trapped ions can also be coupled through a photonic channel, allowing for various remote probabilistic ion-ion entanglement protocols. Recent experiments have shown entanglement, a Bell inequality violation, teleportation, and operation of a two-qubit quantum gate between two ions separated by 1 meter. Despite the probabilistic nature of this ion/photon network, it can be efficiently scaled to much larger numbers of ions for distributed large-scale quantum computing and long-distance quantum communication, especially when accompanied by local Coulomb-mediated deterministic quantum gates. Future work will couple photons emitted from trapped ions into optical cavities, and perhaps interface trapped ion qubits with other optically-active qubits such as quantum dots.

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