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Workshop Registration Deadline: ApRIL 16

LANL Quantum Workshop


This is a list of poster titles with their presenters. Poster presenters are encouraged to present a two-minute summary talk advertising their work immediately before the poster session. We recommend using at most two slides in this talk.

1. Quantum Eraser and Phase-Matching for Exponential Spin-Squeezing via Coherent Optical Feedback
Collin Trail (UNM)

2. Spin Squeezing Beyond Spin-1/2
Leigh Norris, Collin Trail and Ivan Deutsch (University of New Mexico)

3. Quantum-enhanced measurement using trapped ions
Warren E. Lybarger, Jr (P-21), Rolando Somma (T-4), Diego Dalvit (T-4), John Chiaverini (MIT Lincoln Labs), and Malcolm Boshier (P-21)

4. Ion trapping at Sandia: junction shuttling, cryogenic cooling, and laser development
Francisco Benito, Grant Biedermann, Matt Blain, Robert Cook, Kevin Fortier, Walter Gordy, Shanalyn Kemme, David Moehring, Dan Stick, Chris Tigges (Sandia National Laboratory)

5. A Micro Ion Frequency Standard
P. D. D. Schwindt, R. Olsson, K. Wojciechowski, D. Serkland, T. Statom, H. Partner, G. Biedermann, L. Fang, A. Casias, R. Manginell, Y.Y. Jau (Sandia National Laboratory)

6. Ultrafast laser quantum control for explosives detection and control of molecular dynamics
Shawn McGrane, Margo Greenfield, Jason Scharff, David Moore (Shock and Detonation Physics Group)

7. Finding centers of high-dimensional spheres using Schrödinger's equation
Aaron Denny (UNM)

8. The Casimir Effect and the Role of Dissipation
Felipe Rosa, Diego Dalvit (T-4)

9. Reentrant stability of BEC standing wave patterns
Ryan Kalas, Dmitry Solenov, and Eddy Timmermans

10. Observation of Quantized Flow of a BEC in a Toroidal Trap Changhyun Ryu, Kevin Henderson, and Malcolm Boshier (P-21)

11. Metastable states and macroscopic quantum tunneling in a cold atom Josephson ring
Dmitry Solenov and Dmitry Mozyrsky (T-4)

12. Quantum state reconstruction of the 16 dimensional hyperfine manifold in cesium via continuous measurement and control
Carlos Riofrio and Ivan Deutsch (UNM)

13. Building an Efficient and Selective Photon Detector using Amplification Without Inversion
Kevin Mertes and Michael Di Rosa (C-PCS)

14. Quantum Sampling
Rolando Somma (T-4)

15. It’s something about decoherence
Michael Zwolak (T-4)

16. Testing quantum adiabaticity with quench echo
H. T. Quan and W. H. Zurek (T-4)

17. Magnetoencephalography with a fiber-coupled atomic magnetometer
Cort Johnson, Peter Schwindt, Michael Weisend (Sandia National Laboratory)

18. Atomic magnetometer for MRI and NMR detection
Igor Savukov (P-21)

19. Quantum Mechanical Origins of the Iczkowski-Margrave Model of Charge Equilibration
Steve Valone (Materials Science and Technology Division)

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