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Workshop Registration Deadline: Nov. 30

LANL Quantum Workshop


This is a final list of poster titles with their presenters. Poster presenters are encouraged to present a two-minute summary talk advertising their work immediately before the poster session. We recommend using at most two slides in this talk.

1. Laser communication using a partially coherent beam propagating through the turbulent atmosphere: Quantum effects
Gennady Berman (T-4), Boris Chernobrod, Alan Bishop, Alexander Chumak, and Vyacheslav Gorshkov

2. Comparison between continuous wave and pulsed laser EQKD
Pat Rice (P-21) and Israel Owens

3. Closed timelike curves enable perfect state distinguishability
Jim Harrington (P-21)

4. Quantum Darwinism for mixed-state environment
Haitao Quan (T-4)

5. Quantum state reconstruction and random evolution
Carlos A. Riofrio (UNM), Seth T. Merkel, Steven T. Flammia, and Ivan H. Deutsch

6. Quantum wavepacket dynamics with trajectories
Brian K. Kendrick (T-1)

7. Quantum simulated annealing
Howard Barnum (CCS-3)

8. Entanglement, bifurcations and the generation of random states in the quantum chaotic dynamics of kicked coupled tops
Vaibhav Madhok (UNM)

9. Quantum limited metrology with |β0> + |0β> states
Vaibhav Madhok (UNM)

10. Spin squeezing in a double-pass optical-feedback geometry
Collin Trail (UNM), Ivan Deutsch

11. How the group index modulates the electromagnetic field noise associated with a particular cavity mode
Doug Bradshaw (CCS-3)

12. Practical quantum metrology with Bose-Einstein condensates
Alexandre B. Tacla (UNM), Sergio Boixo, Animesh Datta, Anil Shaji, Matthew J. Davis, Carlton M. Caves

13. Quantum-enhanced measurement using trapped ions
Warren Lybarger (P-21) and John Chiaverini

14. Atomic magnetometer for MRI and NMR detection
Igor Savukov (P-21)

15. 229Th for quantum information, solid state atomic clocks and physics beyond the Standard Model
Saidur Rahaman, David Viera, Xinxin Zhao and Justin Torgerson (P-23 and C-NR, LANL), Eric Hudson (Dept. of Physics, UCLA)

16. Trapping and spectroscopy of singly- and doubly-charged Ytterbium Ions
Jeremy Danielson, David Feldbaum, Saidur Rahaman, Martin Schauer, Baozhou Sun, Xinxin Zhao and Justin Torgerson (P-23 and C-NR)

17. Time-averaged optical potential for dynamic manipulation of BEC atoms
Kevin Henderson (P-21), Changhyun Ryu, and Malcolm Boshier

18. Coherent control of plasmons on metal nanostructures
Dzmitry Yarotski (MPA-CINT), Anatoly Efimov, Ilya Grigorenko, and Antoinette Taylor.

19. Atoms on chips
G. Biedermann (Sandia), K. Fortier, M. Blain, D. Stick, T. Loyd, P. Schwindt, J. Hudgens

20. Odd-frequency pairing in binary boson-fermion cold atom mixtures
R. Kalas, A.V. Balatsky, D. Mozyrsky

21. Quantum nucleation and macroscopic quantum tunneling in cold-atom boson-fermion mixtures
Dmitry Solenov (T-4) and Dima Mozyrsky

22. Quantum phase transitions in a spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensate
B. Damski (T-4) and W.H. Zurek

23. Two-qubit quantum logic gates via optical Feshbach resonances in alkaline-earth-like atoms
Iris Reichenbach (UNM), Paul Julienne and Ivan H. Deutsch

24. Control of atomic wave functions in optical lattices
Brian Mischuck (UNM), Ivan Deutsch, Poul Jessen

25. Quantum control of hyperfine spins with coherent electromagnetic fields
Seth Merkel (UNM), Gavin Brennen, Poul Jesssen, Ivan Deutsch

26. Casimir force and metamaterials
Felipe da Rosa (T-4), Peter Milonni, Diego Dalvit

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