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Workshop Registration Deadline: Nov. 30

LANL Quantum Workshop


This is an evolving list of poster titles with their presenters. Poster presenters are encouraged to present a two-minute summary talk advertising their work immediately before the poster session. We recommend using at most two viewgraphs in this talk.

  • 1. Trapping radioactive 82Rb in an optical dipole trap and evidence of spontaneous spin polarization, Xinxin Zhao (C-NR)
  • 2. Entanglement and quantum discord in mixed state quantum computation, Animesh Datta (UNM)
  • 3. Probing Molecular Interactions of Cs in an Optical Lattice for Quantum Information, Brian Mischuck (UNM)
  • 4. Free space high-speed optical communication based on spectral encoding of a partially coherent beam, Gennady Berman (T-13)
  • 5. Distilling perfect cluster states from imperfect ones, Matthew Elliot (UNM)
  • 6. Efficient feedback controllers for continuous-time quantum error correction, Brad Chase (UNM)
  • 7. Controlling Spins in Cold Neutral Atoms, Seth Merkel (UNM)
  • 8. Quantum-limited metrology with product states, Sergio Boixo (CCS-3)
  • 9. Terahertz and infrared uncooled detector based on a microcantilever as a radiation pressure sensor, Gennady Berman (T-13)
  • 10. The interplay between decoherence and resources in qubit metrology, Anil Shaji (UNM)
  • 11. Laser-cooling atoms while preserving coherences of the nuclear spin, Iris Reichenbach (UNM)
  • 12. Silicon Based Quantum Bit Development Leveraging a CMOS Platform at Sandia National Lab, Malcolm Carroll (Sandia)
  • 13. Quantum Ergodicity and the Dynamical Generation of Entanglement in Kicked Coupled Tops, Collin Trail (UNM)
  • 14. Polarons in Bose-Einstein condensates, Fernando Cucchietti (T-4)
  • 15. Disentangling quantum entanglement: efficient simulation of quantum systems on classical computers, Fernando Cucchietti (T-4)
  • 16. A finite statistics protocol for quantum key distribution, Jim Harrington (P-21)
  • 17. Quantum key distribution with entangled photons, Israel Owens (P-21)
  • 18. Bose-Einstein condensates in time-averaged optical dipole potentials, Kevin Henderson (P-21)
  • 19. Quantum simulation with trapped ions, Warren Lybarger (P-21)
  • 20. TBA, Michael Di Rosa (C-PCS)
  • 21. On the repulsive Casimir force using metamaterials, Felipe Da Rosa (T-13)
  • 22. Toward a General Theory of Information-Processing in Stochastic Systems: Cloning, Broadcasting, Cryptography and Teleportation, Howard Barnum (CCS-3)
  • 23. TBA, Michael Zwolak (T-DO)
  • 24. Nonequilibrium thermodynamics at nanoscale, Haitao Quan (T-DO)
  • 25. Fabrication of Atom Chips Peter Schwindt (Sandia)
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